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Default What is "Net Neutrality" the Truth

On Fri, 8 Dec 2017 10:17:57 -0800, Alan Baker

On 2017-12-08 7:20 AM, Doomsdrzej wrote:
On Fri, 8 Dec 2017 09:47:40 -0500, "Mayayana"

"Doomsdrzej" wrote

| | I don't think that the government is controlling the content; I think
| | that the American government handed the power to do so to a useless
| | organization called the United Nations as well as the companies behind
| | the most powerful services on the Internet like Google and Facebook.
| Wouldn't it make more sense to research it rather
| than "think" it's true? If the US has given control
| of the Internet to the UN then surely there'd be
| a record of that.
| I did and there are.

Did you actually read up on what that means? The US
is giving up oversight of DNS, which is basically the phone
book of URLs that allows you to reach a website. It's
not a notable transition and doesn't give the UN control
over your use of the Internet. Giving up Net neutrality
*does* mean you lose control. Comcast or Verizon *can*
block you from visiting specific sites if the law is changed
to give them control.

I will simply the Daily Stomer as a perfect example of how this INDEED
gives them complete control over what people can or can't see on the
Internet. Despite the fact that freedom of speech protects the Daily
Stomer's objectionable content, domain name providers routinely
removed their ability to have a web site with an address other than
something like

Ignoring the rest of your posrt again.

As usual, idiots such as yourself misunderstand "freedom of speech".

No one has the freedom to demand that anyone else help disseminate his
or her speech.

How are the UN and the domain name providers _helping_ him spread his
message by accepting his money for a product or service? If a black
baker prepared a cake for a KKK member, would he be aiding the KKK
member in spreading his message?

Stop being an idiot, Baked Anus.