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Default How to set NOTEPAD to save to UNICODE as default

*rain*drops* wrote:
I guess the title says it: In XP, how do I set NOTEPAD to save to UNICODE
as default. I posted a similar query and recieved just one response,
recommending me to get a different program. I want to just tweak NOTEPAD,
through registry edits or whatever.

How do I do that?

Have you tried saving a blank file in UNICODE format and double clicking
a shortcut leading to that file instead of starting Notepad with the
normal Notepad application shortcut?

There is a "IfCharset" key with the value of 0 in the
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Notepad section of the registry. I
don't know what effect changing that key would have. That key is
duplicated in another part of the registry too (do a search). CAUTION:
experimenting with registry entries could have serious and unwanted
effects on your applications and operating system.