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Default Very interesting Intel CPU problem

On 2018-01-02 23:16, Paul wrote:

Mayayana wrote:

The gist of it: Intel CPUs for the past 10 years or
so have had a serious design flaw that makes the kernel
vulnerable. All OSs using Intel will have to be patched,
resulting in a 5-30% slowdown in software because
kernel operations will have to run in a separate process
from software. In other words, when you write a file
or do any other basic system functions, the software
won't be able to just call up the line to get the job
done. Too risky. It will have to send the request to
the kernel running in a separate process, like
making requests to another, separate software program.

Patches due soon.

Solutions: If the patch is problematic your options
will be AMD or new Intel CPUs that have been fixed.

Yeah, I read that just now, incredible! Imagine, a context switch for
EVERY sys call or interrupt! This will seriously affect some stuff
(altho I'm not sure about games). I hope they make this optional, ie:
provide a switch somewhere to disable or enable the fix.


So that means no patches for Win7 and Win8.1 and no
performance loss. And patches for Win10. Got it.

They might patch Win7 too :-(

And Ryzens for all my friends. OK.
We'll have to switch Ed's gaming rig to a ThreadRipper :-)


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