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-- Thank you for your help. I will try that but anothe problem has
surfaced--I cannot open the link for "Setup a Home or Small Office Network"
Do you think this batch file might clean that up too, or is this something

Thank you for your help,


"Torgeir Bakken (MVP)" wrote:

Scholastica wrote:

After a complete reinstall of Windows XP Prof on a Toshiba laptop I then
tried to install Service Pack 2 from a MS CD which they sent me. It didn't
go well in one respect--right at the end an error message popped up that said
it could't find the Cryptographic service, or some such thing. I closed the
message window and moved on.

Went to Control Panel to configure the Security Center for Firewall,
Updates, etc, and there isn't any Security Center!! Where is it and where is
my SP 2 Firewall, etc??

I hope someone can give me a clue on this--I don't know where to start.


It doesn't look like SP2 was able to install on your computer.

I have created a batch file that should fix the Cryptographic service
issue, run the batch file, reboot and try to install SP2 again.

Go to

Look for fixdb.bat under "Error 0x800710D9 Unable to read from
or write to the database". Download and run it.

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