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Default Arrow keys not working with Agent

Forte Agent 3.3 and 1.93(freeware), same problem with both.

I click some text, but "miss" the right place.

I used to be able to use my arrow keys to move the mouse cursor up.
down, right or left to get to the place I wanted.
Now it scrolls the window.

The keys work in every other program I've tested - Ultraedit,
notepad++, palemoon(Newmoon) browser debuggers etc. so I don't think I
need a new keyboard.

I tried reloading an older copy of my registry = didn't work.
I tried checking the environment values, also win.ini, system.ini etc,
but nothing there.

I thought it might be a mouse driver error, so plugged in a nasty
little non-M$ mouse. No good.

Can't think of any other ways to debug this.

Can people here that use Agent check how their arrow keys work?
Maybe "scroll" is the default, and I deleted some hack I'd done a
decade ago.
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