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Default Arrow keys not working with Agent

On Mon, 03 May 2021 17:59:08 +1200, Ralph Fox

On Sun, 02 May 2021 16:31:55 -0300, Shadow wrote:

Forte Agent 3.3 and 1.93(freeware), same problem with both.

I click some text, but "miss" the right place.

I used to be able to use my arrow keys to move the mouse cursor up.
down, right or left to get to the place I wanted.
Now it scrolls the window.

The keys work in every other program I've tested - Ultraedit,
notepad++, palemoon(Newmoon) browser debuggers etc. so I don't think I
need a new keyboard.

I tried reloading an older copy of my registry = didn't work.
I tried checking the environment values, also win.ini, system.ini etc,
but nothing there.

I thought it might be a mouse driver error, so plugged in a nasty
little non-M$ mouse. No good.

Can't think of any other ways to debug this.

Can people here that use Agent check how their arrow keys work?
Maybe "scroll" is the default, and I deleted some hack I'd done a
decade ago.

Look near the right-hand end of the status bar for a "SCRL" indicator.
Press the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard to turn off the "SCRL" indicator.

Each pane has its own separate "SCRL" indicator. Make sure they are all
turned off.

Also see...

1) The Agent 3.3 help file: Help Index Scroll Lock behavior

2) The Agent Newsreader FAQ: "The arrow keys don't move the selection, they scroll"

If your computer does not appear to have a Scroll Lock key, check the
manual for your computer. On mine, the Scroll Lock key is Fn+C.

Weird. SCROLL LOCK was turned ON in Agent. With the SCROLL
LOCK keyboard light OFF.
I pressed the keyboard SCROLL LOCK key, and Agent went back
to it's "normal behavior". Closed Agent, hit SCROLL LOCK to turn it
OFF, opened Agent again and the "normal behavior" is still there.

A before and after comparison of agent.ini showed


Changed to


There were two more ScrollLock entries that needed
editing.under [Browser] and [Article].

The setting is only written when Agent is closed. Hence the
setting is "sticky".
Haven't had my lenses replaced for ages due to the COVID
pandemic, and am missing the target with my mouse very frequently.
Marked as "solved".
TY for pointing me in the right direction. I'm happy.

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