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Default AVI files to DVD

That should be fairly easy...Download WM encoder 9 series.
Once installed,open the encoder,select "convert audio/video",locate the file
from the camera,convert,convert to a new folder,once thru,open WM player,
burn to cd or dvd....Also,you might get the encoders add-ons...

"rhami01" wrote:

I have downloaded my Nikon camera video film files to my Windows XP pc.
I cannot seem to burn them onto any kind of disc,. My Nikon software does
not have any application to assist the burn process.
I have tried CD-RW ; DVD-RW;
The best I have managed to to burn the films without the audio sound track.
What am I doing wrong? Someone tells me you cannot burn AVI files directly
to a DVD - someone else tells me a simple Converter will do the job.
But although I have tried numerous free trials (before purchasing) - nothing
is working.
At my wits end