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Default Can I install Win 10 like this?

bilsch wrote:
I currently have no Windows system on any PC. I have Ubuntu. I want to
purchase and download a Win10 bootable install iso for use on another PC
(an old Dell Inspiron N4110 laptop). I can make a bootable USB stick
using linux command line something like:

dd if=windowsinstall.iso of=/dev/sdb

I know how to do that.

What i need to know is where to purchase and download the iso file that
will boot the laptop into the Windows 10 installation routine. I assume
I will get a long registration code when I purchase the file that I will
need to enter during installation. I prefer to get the file from
Microsoft if possible. TIA. Bill S.

One other small point.

Processor and Chipset

* Intel Core i3 2310M Processor (2.1GHz, 3MB cache)
Intel HD Graphics 3000
* Intel HM67 Express Chipset

Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium ===
System Memory 2GB 1 DIMM DDR3 1333MHz

This machine already qualifies for a *free*
upgrade to Windows 10 Home. So your first
step is doing the install. Executing the setup.exe
from the ISO is all that's needed. (It helps, with
Win7, if you have a virtual DVD mounter. There is
a freeware one as far as I know.)

Win7 SP1 Home Premium == Free Win10 Home
Win7 SP1 Professional == Free Win10 Pro
Win8.1 Home ["Core"] == Free Win10 Home
Win8.1 Professional == Free Win10 Pro

Subsequent steps are acquisition of license key materials.

For example, when installing Windows 10, you can try typing
in the key from the Win7 COA sticker on the laptop. (You would
do that if attempting a clean install by booting the USB key.)

Or, if you restore Win7 using the factory disc images,
you can use that as your bootstrap mechanism.

If you want Win10 Pro, that could be a free upgrade
from Win7 Pro. But you're unlikely to have Win7 Professional
on the machine, and more likely to have Win7 Home Premium
(that's what is on my laptop). Make sure it is upgraded
to SP1, before attempting any Win10 work, if you want
to try and get the free Win10 Home upgrade.

If the existing image is x64, then the upgrade install
should be x64 as well. If clean installing Win10 later,
it will automatically activate without help from you -
except maybe in cases where you entered another key
or something. If multiple keys are involved on a
computer, you'd have to be careful later to verify
what key it is using.