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Default Can I install Win 10 like this?

Jonathan N. Little wrote:
Paul wrote:

(It helps, with Win7, if you have a virtual DVD mounter. There is a
freeware one as far as I know.)

You balk at a PPA and OpenSource software for Linux yet no issue with
"freeware" binaries for Windows? I call hypocrisy!

That one has been around for years. That web site has
some relationship with Passmark (commercial). They used
a separate domain for promotion.

The osforensics item is a lead-in to some products they sell.
The mounter would be the bottom layer of whatever is
in those "cardboard boxes" in the picture.

You can go back further, and dig out that copy of
Nero if you want. That's commercial. But if you don't
have a virtual CD mounter, and you're not running
Win8 or Win10 (which have internal ISO mounters
for your usage), there is the osforensics one.

You can use 7ZIP to open an ISO, but that's not a mounter,
and staging materials from an ISO somewhere doesn't
always work (the install scripts might not like the
contents being moved away from their "root").

The thing I have to watch out for on commercial offerings,
is large downloads which sport OpenCandy. Like something
Easeus would try. Or CamStudio (not commercial) might try,
multiple times. Even a Java Runtime from Oracle, could
have a payload, although I've had trouble reproducing
the experience of others on that.