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Default Can I install Win 10 like this?

Paul wrote:
Jonathan N. Little wrote:
Paul wrote:

(It helps, with Win7, if you have a virtual DVD mounter. There is a
freeware one as far as I know.)

You balk at a PPA and OpenSource software for Linux yet no issue with
"freeware" binaries for Windows? I call hypocrisy!

That one has been around for years. That web site has
some relationship with Passmark (commercial). They used
a separate domain for promotion.


For one you did not specify the "freeware" by name, good job of side
stepping the point. Somehow a "freeware" Windows binary is "safe and
trustworthy" yet and OpenSource with the actual code is open for review
and inspection for Linux is "suspect"? Sorry not buying it.

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