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Default Can I install Win 10 like this?

Jonathan N. Little wrote:
Sam E wrote:
On 3/20/19 5:19 AM, T wrote:
On 3/16/19 8:33 AM, Jonathan N. Little wrote:
On debian distros they keep the package names lowercase:
I have no idea why Fedora like to do it that way

So you can type it with one finger?

At least neither do stupid crap like embedded spaces...
C:\Program Files
C:\Program Files (x86)

When is MSFT going to finally dump that legacy as they did with
Documents and Settings? While they are at it dump drive letters too and
adopt some type of FHS as Linux has so you can easily move all user data
to a different drive or partition without breaking updates...

??? what comes next ? :-)

And GPT has 128 partitions. Could we have


Does the naming scheme handle stuff like that ?

As for what "interests" Microsoft, they will move
"heaven and earth" for topics that affect a business plan.
For example, years ago "oh, we can only do upgrade installs
for the most recent OS". So you can do Vista to Win7,
but not WinXP to Win7.

Then, when it becomes apparent they need to "drag along"
Windows 7 users into the Windows 10 camp, magically
the installer is improved so it can do Win7 to Win10,
Win8.1 to Win10. As if they could handle multiple OS
combinations, all along.

When you see strange things happen (like the release a
few days ago of a new version of DirectX for Win7),
you have to ask yourself "what business plan is that part of".
They have "rules" they'll tell you about, when they
"don't want to do something", then they break the rules
when it suits them.

If Azure needed "Documents and Settings" to lose the
space characters, that would get done in about a microsecond :-)