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Default A usable free proxy server for Windows users (emphasis on usable!)

In message , Chaya Eve
Mainly I just want privacy on the net. That's all. I don't have a specific
web site or a specific person that I want to converse with. I just want
privacy on the net for my browsing sessions.

Basically, why - other than a general objection to being tracked and
similar? I, and most here I suspect, would rather not be tracked, have
my info. gathered (e. g. browsing and purchasing habits), and so on -
but we all have various levels of tolerance of what we'll accept for the
sake of convenience and free information.

Other than "all of the following", are there any of the following you're
more or less concerned about:

o owners of websites knowing your identity (various interpretations,
from name to credit card details) when you visit them

o third-party entities (search engines, ISPs, VPN/proxy operators, ...)
knowing where you visit

o second or third party entities knowing what you buy, either on their
own site (probably impossible to stop them collecting that!), or on
other sites

o anything else

(Not that I have _any_ answer to your question, but knowing which
aspects _you_ are concerned about - and their order of importance -
might help those who _can_ answer, and even help _you_ to decide
[/evaluate responses if any].)
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