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Default A usable free proxy server for Windows users (emphasis on usable!)

Chaya Eve
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Q: What is a usable free proxy site that you *know* is usable?

I know of several of them. I obtain and test them with sites like

From there, you should be able to find one that you can configure
your browser to use.

So this question has the emphasis on two factors:
You (a) *know* that this proxy server is (b) *usable*.

I know what your factors are, but, I'm not going to hold your hand
for you on this one. You can do somethings for yourself. Besides, a
proxy I use today could very well be history tomorrow; as is the
nature of free and open proxies and that won't do you much/any good.

Before you tell me it's easy to find a good one, you should see
what a search reveals - they are just lists of lists - where
nobody has the time to test them out - so I only ask someone who
*already* has a good *usable* free proxy server to recommend.

Some of those lists are quite useful and it only takes seconds in
most cases to configure your browser to test one of the proxies
listed. It's not rocket science.

I've had prior experience with most of those lists and although I ran
into an occasional dead proxy on the lists, most of the time, I
scored. Nordvpn btw, is awesome. But it's more than just a proxy,
it's an actual vpn. They were offering a free trial and might still
be for a few days. Might be worth checking out. During my free trial,
I was even able to torrent (with decent speeds) without issue. And I
didn't need to install any custom software to do it.

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