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Default Synchronizing fonts

On 2/25/17 12:25 PM, Ken Blake wrote:
On Sat, 25 Feb 2017 11:52:05 -0700, Ken Springer


But WordPerfect (my favorite word processor) keeps the fonts I most
commonly used at the top of the list, so very rarely do I have to
scroll at all. I also checked in Microsoft Word 2016, which I have
installed but very rarely use; it does the same thing.

Are you sure the list is the fonts you often use, or just the fonts used
with that document or in that session of WordPerfect or Word? I know
I've sometimes opened a new Word document and wished a particular font
was at the top, but the top is devoid of any font previously used.


I don't know word processor you use, but if it's WordPerfect or Word,
dealing with many fonts is very easy.

At the moment, it depends on the project. A project for me, when in
Windows 7, is Softmaker Office 2016 or Page Plus. If it's for the
computer shop I work at part time, regardless of system, it's Libre
Office or Scribus. All the other systems are Libre Office or Scribus.

Then there's consistency for your own docs. You have two computers, one
is Windows 7, the other is Windows 10. You use a font in the doc you
created in Windows 7. Then you take the doc to Windows 10 and...
WHOA!!! That font is not on that machine... G

Yes, that could be an issue, but they don't even have to be two
different Windows versions. Two computers running the same version of
Windows can have different fonts installed.

I've never noticed this for the fonts installed by the OS, but other
software sometimes adds fonts.

But I have only one computer, so I have no issue like that. My wife
has her own computer, and it doesn't have all the fonts mine does, but
I very rarely give her a document from my computer, and if I do, it's
highly unlikely to have any fonts other than Times New Roman and
Arial. And ditto if she sends me a document.

I long ago ditched using Times New Roman. I would get lengthy docs from
places I found hard to read. Then, while delving into typography, I
read that the design of Times New Roman was such that in "normal" font
sizes, the design of the font can be tiring on your eyes. The articles
said there are a lot of better alternatives.

Personally, I like the Linux Libertine fonts, they are complete with the
ligatures, etc., and available in both True Type and Open Type fonts.


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