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Default Synchronizing fonts

On 2/25/17 1:33 PM, Neil wrote:
On 2/25/2017 1:52 PM, Ken Springer wrote:
On 2/25/17 7:54 AM, Neil wrote:
On 2/23/2017 5:46 PM, Mayayana wrote:
"Neil" wrote

| I'm only going to remove fonts not based on roman/Latin/western
| characters. Neither do I plan on removing any dingbat/graphic
| Since I don't read, write, or speak any Asian language, I do not
| those fonts. Same for Cyrillic.
| You may not use them when you create documents, but if you wind up
on a
| website that uses them, you're going to see a mess. Only the commonly
| used fonts in other languages are supplied with the OS.
I don't have any such fonts and it's not a problem.
If I'm at a Chinese site I'll see little rectangles with
hex codes defining unicode characters that can't be
displayed. So I can't read the text. But I can't read
Chinese, anyway. It's all Greek to me. I can't
imagine why I'd want or need a Chinese font. The little
boxes tell me what I need to know: This webpage will
be of no use to me.

I still find it informative whether I wind up on a site with Kanji,
Cyrillic, or other lettering, even if I don't understand the language.
It at least tells me who their primary audience is. Seeing squares with
hex codes is not useful at all.

In the days when a "large" HD was 20GB, font management was more of a
concern than it is today. I can't really see any good reason to delete
the default fonts on a computer.

So, you're in your favorite word processor, and you want to select a
different font. Do you want to scroll through 50 fonts or 150 fonts,
when you know you'll never use 100 of those fonts since you don't
need/use Cyrillic or Asian fonts? Personally, I get tired of having to
deal with the fonts I'll never use.

Then there's consistency for your own docs. You have two computers, one
is Windows 7, the other is Windows 10. You use a font in the doc you
created in Windows 7. Then you take the doc to Windows 10 and...
WHOA!!! That font is not on that machine... G Yes, you could embed
the fonts (I do when that is an option), but what if the program you
used does not offer font embedding, or you just forgot to do it?

Or... You use the font FloppyShoes in your file on Windows 7, and go to
Windows 10 which also has the font FloppyShoes. But the font files used
are not identical, and on Windows 10 things look just a little bit off.

There are other ways to solve these issues, and the way you've chosen
presumes a few things about fonts that may not be so. I mostly use
professional fonts, because I'm more concerned with how my documents
look when they've been offset printed abroad and I can't worry about OS
issues. It requires that I avoid most of the system fonts, which is not
a big deal. But, again, I'm not suggesting that you do anything
different than whatever it is you wish to do on your computer.

I don't have a reason for professional fonts anymore, but I do own a
disk of Bitstream fonts from years ago. But I do need to have things
match across my computers, and the Linux Libertine fonts I mentioned to
Ken Blake on the work computers.

But, I think this has more to do with how one uses their computer than
whether a general recommendation can be made regarding such things.
Being that these are "personal computers", one can do with them as they

Exactly. I use different computers and OSes depending on what I need to
accomplish. Occasionally, using more than one for the same project. So
I want to know that whatever font I use on System A will be there on
System C if I use System C for that project.

When I want to send this file to someone, it goes as a PDF with the
fonts embedded. That way it doesn't matter what software is installed
on the recipient's computer, it will look just as I intended it to look.

On a certain level that usually works. But I wouldn't trust it blindly.

But it's the best the average person can do at the moment, AFAIK.

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