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Default How to insert page breaks into a WordPad RTF document

уторак, 11. август 2009. 09.44.17 UTC-7, DevNull је написао/ла:
I like the light footprint and speed of WordPad, so sometimes I use it
instead of Word.

I haven't seen another post showing how to insert page breaks, so
here's how:

First, the document must be saved in Rich Text Format, which seems to
be the default for WordPad but is also an option when using File
Save As to save the file.

Close the document, and open it using Notepad. This will display all
of the RTF tags which WordPad automatically hides.

Scroll down in the document to where you want to place the page break,
then enter:
This is the RTF tag for a page break.

Close and save the document from Notepad.

Open the document in WordPad, and using File Print Preview, notice
that there is now a page break where you inserted \page.

So, I am writing a document in RTF. I want something to show on the very bottom of the page, in the middle. I know how to put it in the middle, but I can't see where the bottom of the page is. So I have to guess. When I print my document, the line I want to be on the bottom of the first page gets on the page 2! So, I have to do it again by moving up the line bit by bit. By time I am done, I wasted at least 10 pages of print paper and lot of ink. Is there a solution to this stupid idea of someone?