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Default desktop icons - change grid offset ?


I wouldn't. Call it a control, that is.

So, what /would/ you call it ? I already referred to them as
"thingamagotchies", but that is a rather long (and very underscriptive) name
.... :-)

Actually, you've known someone who does, and for quite a while now: me.

You know what I meant!

As am I sure that you know what I ment there.

Microsoft is well-known for going their own way, and changing the name of
things depending on the colour of the moon ...

That "controls" name has been in use for over 20 years. And thats just how
far back I came in contact with it (using Visual Basic v5). Also, take a
look in C:\Windows\System32. There is a file there named "ComCtl32.dll".
That stands for "COMmon ConTroLs 32bit" (the DLL which holds the code for,
among others, the ListView I've been talking about) . You can find that
file at least as far back as W95 (which would make the "controls" name for
those things almost 25 years old).

Sounds like you are doing some programming here, or something like that.

Exactly that. As I though you where a (Windows?) programmer yourself I
assumed you would know what I was talking about (even if you would not
exactly know /how/ I did it).

I assumed you were dragging something with the mouse [i. e., to avoid
ambiguity, moving the mouse pointer over it with the button held down], or
touchpad equivalent].

What did you think I ment when I said
Originally Posted by me
Or maybe just send some WM_xxxx messages to the dekstop
window and see if I can alter the icon grid that way.

(I mentioned that twice)

Not typing parameters into something.

But that is exactly what the above implicated. That is, if you recognised
the "WM_xxxx" reference. Which I now think you didn't.

The thing boils down to me saying some stuff, and as I did not get any
signals of the contrary I assumed you grasped the meaning of it. That is
how it normally works, right ?

Than again, this is not a programmers newsgroup and I did use words and
wording which might only be known to them. Mea culpa.

Rudy Wieser