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Default Hate CCleaner !

It does not for most systems but for some it makes a big differeance.

"Mr Pounder Esquire" wrote in message
J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:
In message , Andy
I unchecked mine rebooted the computer and it didnot come back to
get the C out of the task tray go to options then settings and
uncheck the Show CCeaner in the windows Notification Area


(If you must top-post, it's better not to use the proper "-- " line
above. Which is _normally_ a good idea.)


Is he (-:!

"mick" wrote in message

Untick the Active Monitoring box BUT also go to the Tools\Startup
Windows tab and disable or delete the CCleaner Monitoring entry.
That entry may come back with the next update so you will have to
repeat, but at least it will be gone for now.

Start up entries are just that, they start every time you boot the
computer. Most of them in your windows list are not needed and
slow the boot time down.


Just "uncheck[ing] the Show CCeaner in the windows Notification Area"
isn't disabling or deleting any activity: it just stops the reminder
that it's happening.

Can't see that making much difference if Enable System Monitoring is not