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Default Can you partition a C drive without deleting what is on it?

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I don't use Paragon tools but I'm quite sure that you can use these
tools to backup your 37GB of data onto your external drive. I'm also
sure that you can use these tools to resize your existing C: drive and
create additional partitions with the free unallocated space that you
will gain when you resize the C: drive. When you resize C: don't make
the common mistake of making it too small!

Good point. If your intention is to have one partition for the operating
system (and I would suggest software), with all data on another
partition (or partitions), then I would suggest you _move_ your data
(pictures, videos, documents) _off_ your C: drive (to your removable
one, say) now, before doing any partition resizing; if you already have
37G used, that suggests to me that a lot of that is your data. (FWIW, On
this 1x0G system, I allocated 30G for OS-plus-software, and so far 9.23
of that is used; so far, I've filled 11.2G of the other partition with
data. People will argue endlessly about how much space you _should_
allocate to OS+software; for XP, 10G is probably not enough, and I would
say - especially if you are rigorous about preventing software from
storing stuff on C: - that 30G should be sufficient to last out XP.)
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