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Patti Barden
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Default Can you partition a C drive without deleting what is on it?

Thanks everyone - I am struggling.

If before I do anything I should make a backup/copy of my
37GB data in case anything goes wrong -
where do I put the backup/copy? If I partition
the EHD (external hard disk) and put the
backup/copy on it and then Clone
the C Hard disk and put the clone on the EHC,
I think that erases everything on the EHD which would negate
my backups. Using a CD or floppy would mean a lot of disks or floppies?
What am I missing?

"Patti Barden" wrote in message
Ok, thanks. I do have Paragon Partition Manager and Paragon Hard Disk
Manager but a novice on both.

Everyone always says make a "backup of files" before you do anything but
how do you backup 37GB data onto
a floppy disk?? That is the only option my XP gives me, that is why I
bought an external hard disk.

Thanks, Patti

"John John - MVP" wrote in message
Patti Barden wrote:
Using XP SP3, 500GB drive

Can I partition my C drive that has no partitions on but has the OS and
data and programs on it without
deleting anything?

Not to nitpick, but your C: drive *does* have a partition, the C: drive
*is* a partition.

OK, stand corrected.

Seems I have read it is not possible. I would like two partitions one
for data and one for OS and programs
so when I do a Disk Check or degrag it doesn't take so long.

You will have to use a third party tool like Terabyte's BootItNg or Easus
Partition Manager or other to do this.

MAKE SURE that you backup all your precious files before doing any
partition work! These tools are for most part safe to use but glitches
and errors while doing partition work can quickly lead to catastrophic
loss of all the data on the disk!