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Default Found Problem--Thank You

I just wanted to let you know I did solve my problem.
Maybe it will help you "Julian" (I hope). I clicked to
install the sp2 update I had and then cancelled it and
that took the windows download icon off my taskbar. What
happens is that I get the updates on aol and always have
but, something with the new aol 9.0 (I think) I have will
install the updates from windows but, wont download them.
I have to go to the windows website to actually download
them. Hope this helps.


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Hi, again. if your problem sounds something like this...

(...Three days ago the MS update icon appeared at the
bottom right of the Windows (XP Pro) taskbar. I'm used
to this happening as I have my browser set to
automatically accept MS updates. However, it has stayed
there for the past three days and always indicates
"Downloading updates: 0%". Is there a way to get rid of
the icon?)...

then try out this solution.


i dont know if it'll work, but let me know. thanks.

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Okay I will, I am on aol . Patty
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hi, there. let me know if you're able to get it

i have the same problem...i cant even click on the

to stop it or close it, whatever. my post is just a
couple posts before yours.
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I have the Windows Update on my Icon tray and it wont
download the update, its still at 0%. I can't

what it was for. How do I fix it? HELPPP Thanks Patty