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I keep getting large icons?

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Old February 23rd 12, 01:58 AM posted to microsoft.public.windowsxp.general
Bill in Co
external usenet poster
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Default I keep getting large icons?

J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:
In message , Mayayana
Hmm. All I want is that whenever and however I open Explorer, I get two
panes - a tree view in the left pane, and a details view in the right
pane. I don't really mind what size the window is (unless it's tiny or
huge), and I don't mind if any folder has a special icon.

You thought it would be simple, did you?

Mayayana, are you deliberately removing them?


(Without them, it looks as if you Mayayana said "I just remember ..."

Yes. Not so good, huh? Even with them in it can get
very confusing. And what a mess on the reposting websites,
where whole threads full of get reprinted over and
over down the page.


People have different approaches. People
who started out with console mode often like to include
the entire thread in each post. To me that's sloppy and
outdated. I have to scroll down through a pile of muck
to find the new post.

Me too. I delete large chunks of what I'm replying to - and if I end up
deleting all of the contributions from a given person, I delete that
person's attribution line, too.

I take the approach that since I'm using a modern GUI
and people can easily glance at earlier posts for reference,
a post should be written as neatly and clearly as possible,
using only as much quoted text as necessary. Newsreaders

Definitely agree there.

now have a "treeview" layout and PCs have a mouse. It's
no longer a scrolling console. There's no reason that people
can't easily figure out who' replying to whom. It's
graphically displayed.

Ah, there I don't agree. It's easier to see who said what if you _don't_
have to poke around lots of places, if it's all in the post you're
reading. I do agree with you that spurious stuff should be deleted, and
far too few people do that.

I'm not going to get into a long debate about this. I find
that there are several ways people like to post, and 95%
of people (including me) tolerate all of them without
quibble. Then there are the "usenet fascists" who just
insist that everyone has to do things their way. Some of

I try through persuasion rather than fascism.

Kudos. :-)

to reason with obsessive compulsives. Anyone who can't
tolerate my posts doesn't have to read my posts.

Yes, but you post helpful stuff; I don't want to miss on that (-:.

This whole debate has nothing to do with "fascism". It only has to do with
making it easier to follow a thread. If you have to poke around in several
places just to read and follow a thread, I think there is a problem there.

But I'll tell you what might have to do with "fascism": the arguments over
"top" vs "bottom" vs "inline" postings, and that only one style is
supposedly right, and is always best (cough). :-) (because it ain't so)
Context is everything, in such cases.

Old February 23rd 12, 03:00 PM posted to microsoft.public.windowsxp.general
external usenet poster
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Default I keep getting large icons?

Bill in Co wrote:

Mayayana wrote:

I take the approach that since I'm using a modern GUI
and people can easily glance at earlier posts for reference, ...

There is the crux of his argument. One, he doesn't care that readers of
his posts must move OUT of the message to look elsewhere to trace who
said what. Two, he thinks the posts he quotes will be present in
someone else's NNTP client (see my reply to Char as to why those posts
may be missing which means NO REFERENCE is available if not provided as
attribution lines within the message).

I guess I don't get what you are talking about. I open OE and try to read
each thread individually in that one window, as one would expect, and can't
see the attributions. Are you suggesting we have to open several panes or
windows just to follow each thread with attributions? THAT seems a bit
primitive to me. :-)

Mayayana wants to present a style to exhibit a personality. He has no
rational argument for omitting attributions other than his want for a
style that's different. He just wants to be different. Of course, this
could be trollish deliberation to instill argument in that he dishonors
netiquette with which he had no participation in defining.

If he doesn't want to include attributions (which he must manually trim
out since his newsreader includes them) then he shouldn't bother to
quote any posts to which he replies. After all, he claims you can go
looking elsewhere to see the threading of the posts leading to his reply
so obviously the same readers that have to look elsewhere for threading
info can also look in those other posts to see their content - assuming,
as he does mistakeningly, that those other posts are available to the
readers of his posts.

If he doesn't want to attribute the quoted content then don't bother to
include any quoted content. With his "modern" GUI built on the old NNTP
standards that help to support the lowest-common-denominator feature set
so EVERYONE (not just him) can participate and with assumption of
perfect and immediate peering across a worldwide mesh network of NNTP
servers, he should just assume that all those posts he would've quoted
are already there in the reader's client so, like attributions, all that
quoting he does is superfluous.

If you don't attribute a quote then don't bother including it. Quoting
with attribution means you are pretending that content is yours.

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