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why do Kazaa downloads "fail"? how to download Kazaa files to external hard drive? s

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Old March 26th 03, 11:39 PM
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Default why do Kazaa downloads "fail"? how to download Kazaa files to external hard drive? s

Dont let these people scare you away from kazaa. Just get adaware or use
kazaa lite. Make sure you have a good av program that monitors your
downloads and you'll be fine. Yes there are viruses all over kazaa but as
long as you have a good av you'll be fine. People say they have nothing but
viruses using kazaa but i dont see why there letting the viruses in. The
only place your going to get viruses is likley in software that you may be
trying to download off kazaa, which i will advise against because 90 percent
of the time it doesnt work properly or is not named properly. If your
downloading music then you'll be fine. For those of you in here who do
nothing but use scare tactics to get people to stop using kazaa please stop.
Just use some common sense and pay attention to what your downloading and
make sure you av is upto date. Or then again you could just go out and by
the music or software!!! I would recommend that!! As far as your problem
i'm not sure(very sorry), but i thought since you are new to kazaa you
should get a second opinion about using it!! Your hardrive should have no
effect on download speeds, more to do with traffic in your area or the user
u r downloading off of. If you swithch from kazaa to kazza lite your
downloads should still be there aslong as your dat files are not removed.
Not sure if uninstalling kazaa removes your dat files. i installed kazza
lite overtop of kazaa and all my dat files where still there. I'm sure
someone here will have a different opinion but that is all i have to say.

good luck

"Kevin Franken" wrote in message
I'm new to Kazaa.

Why do Kazaa downloads "fail"? If you have a download that fails and
then you close Kazaa and turn off your PC, turn it back on and open
Kazaa, will the "failed" downloads still be in the Traffic window or
will they be deleted/removed because they previously "failed"? I've
noticed that downloads that are "completed" are in fact removed from
the Traffic window if you close Kazaa, turn off then turn back on your
PC, and reopen Kazaa. If the same ting happens with "failed"
downloads, I don't know what files I've already lost and may lose
again in the future. I never told Kazaa to remove the file or cancel
the download, so I hope that Kazaa keeps the "failed" .dat file for
another/later attempt to successfully download the file rather than
remove/delete it. Anyone know what happens?

Also, I have an external hard drive - Western Digital 120 GB - 7200
RPM USB 2.0 Drive - that I plug into my laptop. I run Kazaa from my
laptop now and it saves to my laptop's C drive. Is there a way I can
run Kazaa and save my Kazaa downloads to my external hard drive? What
cables would I need?

Also, are Kazaa downloads faster if the hard drive you are saving the
downloads to has more space than less space? In other words, would he
download be faster if one had 2 GB of free space versus 1 GB?

Also, are Kazaa downloads slower if your hard drive is very fragmented
- hasn't been defragmented in awhile?

Also, why, if I allow 30 downloads at a time, does it show only 4 in
the window, with those 5 being only about 2Kb/s even though I am on a
university system that normally is very fast - I can usually get up to
50kb/s download and allow 60+Kb/s uploads? And these low in number
and slow downloads happen at a time when no one is uploading any files
from me. I allow 30 downloads, but the Traffic window screen only
shows 4 actively downloading (I see the progress column). Although,
when I look in my Shared folder, it shows many Kazaa download files
were "modified" (had data added to them) at the same time the Traffic
window only showed about 4 being downloaded (and the bottom left
corner says maybe 10 files are being downloaded. But I allow 30!!
Why all these discrepancies?

Also, I use Kazaa now but heard that Kazaa Lite was faster. I have
many partial/incomplete downloads left in my Kazaa Traffic window. If
I switched to Kazaa Lite, would those partial/incomplete downloads
from Kazaa be saved and still continue to run/complete the download on
Kazaa Lite, or would switching delete those files and I'd have to
start downloading the files from scratch?




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