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Big Bertha Thing gyro

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Old April 21st 11, 05:27 PM posted to microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics
Tony Lance
external usenet poster
Posts: 96
Default Big Bertha Thing gyro

Big Bertha Thing gyro
Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs
Access page JPG 12K Image
Astrophysics net ring Access site
Newsgroup Reviews including alt.war.nuclear

Drawing of an ordinary gyroscope.

Fig. XVI

Extract from the Introductory Chapter:-
But the most interesting top of all is undoubtedly the ordinary
gyroscope. That depicted in Fig. XVI........ although merely
sold as a toy, is nevertheless capable of illustrating
the gyroscopic phenomena which have been so much made use of in
modern mechanical invention.

From the book
An Elementary Treatment of the Theory of
Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic Motion.
By Harold Crabtree M.A.
Formerly Scholar of Pembroke College, Cambridge
Assistant Master at Charterhouse
Longmans, Green and Co. 1923
First Edition 1909
Second Edition 1914
New Impression 1923
(C) Copyright Tony Lance 1998
Distribute complete and free of charge to comply.

Big Bertha Thing rita

Educating Rita

This film portrays a dominant spouse and a long-suffering student,
to the extent upto and including divorce, book-burning and forced

There was zero privacy. Any attempt to re-register or change
the password would not work, because the secret could not be kept.

Every posting by the spouse is a violation of OU rules and the
education, causing real pain. Vetting by one moderator or by several
using a non-public Rita conf. would not work, because the spouse
would use the students name, with all the further alienation
that would cause.

A new policy needs to be adopted. The last resort punishment measure,
needs to be the first resort measure on compassionate grounds;
that of making the student read-only on FC. The student would thank
you for it, but not publically.

It would need to be agreed between ACS and OUSA, which is what
they are there for.

Tony Lance

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tony Lance
Date: Aug 27 2007, 4:54*pm
Subject: Big Bertha Thing moisture
To: swnet.sci.astro, comp.std.c

On Sat, 25 Aug 2007 12:13:12 -0700, kuyper wrote:
Marcus Strömberg wrote:
Fri, 24 Aug 2007 17:55:43 +0100 skrev Tony Lance:

Hi James,
Date: Mon, May 21st 2001 14:33:41
From:JamesKuyper *
To: Tony Lance

Subject: Big Bertha Thing reason

On Mon, 21 May 2001, you wrote:
On Mon, 21 May 2001 10:05:14 -0400JamesKuyper

On Sun, 20 May 2001, you wrote:
On Sat, 19 May 2001 11:04:48 -0400 "JamesKuyper Jr."
Why do you keep posting this message on comp.std.c; as far as I can
tell, it's completely irrelevant to that newsgroup.

Big Bertha Thing reason (see at end)

I'm sorry; I can't make head nor tail of your "reason".

Hi James,
Your wizard address does not work, even though you use it on usenet.

Most people have no trouble reaching me at that address. Perhaps as a
known spammer my ISP filters you out when you try to mail me at the
wizard.net address? However, in that case it's odd that you can reach
me through my NASA address; NASA usually has much better filters than
my ISP does.

For a strategic overview you need to see;-
http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/tonylance/series.html (disabled)
http://www.bigberthathing.com/series.html* * * * *(Ed.)

Try one of the 36K pages.
For a weapon to work effectively, only the target needs to know, that
he has been blown up. These guys know for sure.

I'm afraid I still don't understand. What's the weapon? Who's the
target? Who's using the weapon? Why is the weapon being used on the
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++
Hi James,
six years later try this reply:-
Big Bertha is the name of a lady tramp in the cartoon series the
It is also the name of a german artillary field piece mounted on a
carriage, used to bombard Paris.Big Bertha Thing is a scientific
cartoon series,
some work, some don't.
It is also a siege canon, assault rifle and first aid tent. (Carafat)
The anecdotes, poems and jokes, at the end of each postings (2nd
started as postcards to the first aid tent. When it was attacked by
left wing moderators at university, they became assault rifle bullits.
They were then upgraded to artillary shells by the addition of
of sub-atomic particles, which looked like shell holes.
(gamma, electron, proton, positron and positive.)
Some additions were part of a scientific project.
(summation, extract, pastures, moisture, features, letter, outlandish)
Mathematical - PI
Contextual in terms of battle.
(pathos, tidings, sedan, chair, tidings, pin-wheel, progress,
hacked, invite)
Scientific (spider, coil, gyro, monorail, halfrail, dwarf, burster,
uniform, lightcraft, unified, fusion.)
Collections of postings. (battle, faculty, retrenchment, redoubt,
mathematics and astronomy.)

Thank you,
Tony Lance

Monday, November 10, 1997 01:41:47 PM
From: * Tony Lance
Subject: * * * *Big Bertha
To: * * OUSA Classical Particle
Hey! I've just found out, something really interesting.
For the next three months, this conference is the only
crap-shoot in town.

So step right up and try Big Bertha, otherwise known as

Just two things;-
1. If you see someone slogging away, but doing it all wrong.
Please remember, a great effort, with no results, is worth
more than a great result with no effort. The first is purchased
at great cost and the latter, in terms of cost, is worthless.
2. If it is not broken, do not fix it. Some parts of the project
may need repairing. If you cannot fix it, with a good suggestion,
then do not take it apart, in the first place, with a bad one.
* * * * *Thank you,
* * * * * * * *Tony Lance

NB Subject Big Bertha and 'Just two things:-' gives brand name:-
Big Bertha Thing
Big Bertha Thing 3
Big Bertha Thing farm
Big Bertha Thing battle,farm (common)
Big Bertha Thing battle,farm,fusion (common, message)

There is an old joke about prisoners, who know all the old jokes,
so they gave them numbers. A new prisoner on finding out what is
going on, decides to call out a number. Nothing. Zilch. Dinada.
On querying this, he is told, that it is the way he tells them.

The parts of Big Bertha called common are based on this principle.

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